The Business Development Center of the Kazakh language courses offers you the following programs:


  • Kazakh language of everyday communication for adults
  • The Kazakh language for children of 5-10 years
  • Business Kazakh language
  • Preparation for certificated testing of all levels according to the KAZTEST system.



The program for beginners is aimed at:

∙ learning "living" spoken language;

∙ giving the opportunity to speak, starting from the very first lesson;

∙ taking into account individual needs of every learner;

∙ helping to overcome the language barrier.


The program for mid-level (or multilevel)  is aimed at:

• teaching basic linguistic rules of Kazakh language;

• development of spoken language;

• lessons outside classroom are also possible (real communication in the street, at the market, etc.) that will help to achieve better results.


Preparation course for "KazTest" )  is aimed at :

• development of 4 key types of linguistic activities: reading, writing, listening, speaking;

• special attention is paid to work on grammar of Kazakh language and expansion of vocabulary.


Prices for language courses remain unchanged during the whole academic year.